A Walk to Remember “Amphawa”

000068“A Walk to Remember” This is what Amphawa is all about. Guess many of you may not know this place, well if you aren’t Thai. We, Thai people, actually know it well since this place has been popular among us all. I myself have visited this place several times, more than 5 times, as it has lots more to offer in different aspects of lifestyle, completely different from the famous touristic Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

Amphawa Floating Market is open on the weekends only, from 15:00 till 20:30, but I would say the best time to visit is between 17:00 and 18:00 before the sunset. And if you have a chance to stay overnight, just do it. There are many local homestays available. A wonderful view of the market can be taken from the bridge over the canals.

Walking along the canals, you will see plenty of things around, interesting by sense and tempting by smell. A variety of food on offer from the boat vendors – such as Pad Thai Noodle, Hoi Tod Fried Mussell, Grilled Prawn and Mussell, and Noodle Soup. Fruits and Thai drinks like Thai Iced Coffee or Thai Iced Tea. The riverside shops offering plenty of creative and handmade stuff will also encourage your shopping spree. In addition to food and shopping, local lifestyle is what I actually enjoy the most. People living life in a simple way – no hurry and more chill chill “sabai sabai”. Some kids jumping right in the canal, having fun with friends. It’s a great moment not to miss.

Finally, Amphawa has left me the most important thing of all… “Memory”


About pixomentum

Wantipa Patumanon, or Fang, is a Bangkok-based amateur photographer, traveller, and writer, as well as an English teacher. She is currently working for a wholesale tour operator based in Bangkok, and during her free time, after work and on weekends, she offers an English lesson to Thai people, both young students and adults.
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