Academic Writing is not my thing!!!!

It has been quite tough months since my master degree started in August 2015. There have been many challenges I have been going through- academic subjects, technical terms, analyzing and researching, etc. We all have had to do a lot of writing in an academic style, which I finally have discovered that this style is not really my thing… not at all!

First I thought that as I could write, I wouldn’t have any problem with it. Well it’s not like my score is so low, I think at least I did it ok in my English Development Course. But for me, it’s much more difficult as the concept is based on the understanding of the subjects and analyzing sentence by sentence, like we all have to clearly understand about the problems, facts, and cause and effects… and when it comes to the writing assignment, I simply get lost, and it will take quite a while for me to process all the input into my brain and gather ideas together before putting words in paper.

The academic writing is just so different! It is pretty much related to the fact that we have to give more importance to the logical / critical way of thinking and writing best explanation in the correct, formal and grammatical structure. It’s all about semantics, pragmatics and logics in academic terms. Of course, it’s not like writing a blog or some stories for a lifestyle or travel magazine which we can create stories and add some catchy and flowery wordings. With this academic assignments, sometimes I feel like my brain dead and I am speechless. I don’t even know what to start and what my conclusion would be. My brain is just so dead… I can’t even say or explain even though I know what the problems are since I have been using English for almost 20 years now. The language has been one of my best expertises though. Or maybe it is just that my brain is not open enough. In other words, I am not smart enough for some stuff. I am not actually looking down on myself, I still keep my ego with capability of some skills, but at least I realize my weakpoint where I can probably improve. And hopefully I can.

Anyway, I am going to stuck with the course for 2 years, and I know I should not complain much about it from the start, so I will just try my best first. Although my thought will always say no to this writing style, it’s still worth a try if I want to be a good writer – I should be able to write in many styles, though no need to be the best for all.

For those who have been facing the same problem, just keep going and never give up even though the thing you are doing is so not your thing…


About pixomentum

Wantipa Patumanon, or Fang, is a Bangkok-based amateur photographer, traveller, and writer, as well as an English teacher. She is currently working for a wholesale tour operator based in Bangkok, and during her free time, after work and on weekends, she offers an English lesson to Thai people, both young students and adults.
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