About Pixomentum

Photography, Travel, Writing, Art, and Language are what I love while Independency is who I am! My name is Fang, a Bangkokian amateur photographer, traveller, writer, and English language teacher. And now, you are about to discover many kinds of stories here, from traveling, photography, lifestyle, food, love, feeling, etc… Well, I have been blogging just about everything!

“Everything I see is the inspiration… everything I shoot is the possibility… and every result I have made is the passion of art – that’s all that matters. I am just an ordinary girl who is always living in the era of “Pixomentum” where every movement and angle of art from the past is integrated…”

Welcome to the world of my love and passion of all!

2 Responses to About Pixomentum

  1. PIXO— Great blog as usual, I have nominated you for the Creative Blogger Award, please check my post for details.

    Keep at it!

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