Unseen Isaan

68740001Deep Culture of Thailand

Isan, despite its short, has more meaning than its sound when it refers to the Northeast of Thailand, one of the biggest regions in this ‘axe’ planet. Consisting of 19 remote provinces, Isan offers some things uniquely fascinating and intriguing. From locality to peculiar speaking dialect, living lifestyle to beautiful scene of greenery nature along the way, the region brings you to see the ‘real’ Thailand of today.

People harvesting rice, working in the rice paddies, feeding cows and animals, and doing silk weaving. Children swimming in the river, playing and laughing happily. Families helping each other in local business. These are on-going real life activities that you will not see at all in a big city like Bangkok. Furthermore, Isan offers various historical sites/ruins that are periodically influenced by its neighbouring countries, Laos and Cambodia.

With its historical attractions, breathtaking scenery, exotic surroundings, and friendly smiley locals, the region will charm you so easily that you are whining to return. Every area, every street, and every corner, of Isan, is another distinct perspective of Thailand for your unforgettable experience in the Land of Smiles.


About pixomentum

Wantipa Patumanon, or Fang, is a Bangkok-based amateur photographer, traveller, and writer, as well as an English teacher. She is currently working for a wholesale tour operator based in Bangkok, and during her free time, after work and on weekends, she offers an English lesson to Thai people, both young students and adults.
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